80,000 Hours

80,000 Hours provides guides, 1-on-1 advising, and a job board with full-time opportunities (not included on our board) to support students and recent graduates switch into high-impact careers.

Effective Thesis

Effective Thesis provides free coaching and guidance to students, from undergraduate to PhD level, who want to begin research careers that significantly improve the world. They also have an early-career research opportunity newsletter.

Animal Advocacy Careers

Animal Advocacy Careers provides careers guides and courses for individuals aiming to reduce animal suffering. They feature a training course, a job board, and a skilled volunteering board.

EA Local & Online Groups

Check out EA local and online groups to meet members of the global effective altruism community who share your interests.

Application advice

Check out Advice I've Found Helpful as I Apply to EA jobs for a list of helpful tips to keep in mind as you send out your applications. And remember: When in doubt, apply!
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